“One of the great horrors of modern warfare”Clarissa Ward on Gaza

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CNN journalist Clarissa Ward is deeply saddened by the situation in Gaza. She has entered Gaza with a medical team from the UAE.

She says: “You get an absolute sense of the horrors that have been taking place in Gaza. This hospital was filled with the youngest victims of this war. Children who had been disfigured, who are in full body casts, and who are covered in burns.”

She added “Like Grozny and Aleppo, Gaza will go down as one of the great horrors of modern warfare.”

Clarissa Ward is the first Western journalist to enter Gaza since October 7. She previously arrived in Israel in October, days after the latest Israeli-Palestinian conflict began.
During live coverage there, a missile fired by Hamas passed by her.
She has seen both sides in this war up close. Her words on the situation in Gaza show that a great tragedy has occurred there.

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