NVIDIA revenue increase by staggering 265% in last four months

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The American company NVIDIA, which manufactures microchips, has caused a stir in the world.

As the market opens today, the company’s value could be as much as Canada’s GDP. When the company started in 1993, it had 40 thousand dollars in its account.

NVIDIA became one of America’s top three companies when it saw a 265% increase in revenue in four months due to increased demand for its AI chips.

American microchip maker NVIDIA achieved the largest one-day price increase of any company in history. Shares in the California company rose 16.4 percent in New York on Thursday.

The increase surpassed Meta’s $197 billion gain earlier in the month to become the largest increase in a company’s value during a single market trading session.

The jump in stock price came after NVIDIA reported that its quarterly revenue rose 265 percent, to more than $22 billion. Its full-year revenue more than doubled to $60 billion.

It’s unheard of for a $1.5 trillion+ company to post a 265% increase in four-month revenue. It was one of the most anticipated earnings reports of the time, and NVIDIA still beat Wall Street’s revenue expectations of $20.4B, showing revenue of $22.1B.

The Financial Times called NVIDIA “the biggest single driver of the rally in the S&P 500 this year,” contributing nearly a quarter of the index’s gains. The company’s importance in the US stock market is becoming evident and the company’s CEO said that its chips are “basically the factories of the AI generation of the new industrial revolution”.

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