North Korea conducted an underwater test of nuclear weapons

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North Korea says it has successfully tested an underwater nuclear weapons system in response to joint drills by South Korea, the US and Japan.

In a statement issued by the Ministry of Defense of South Korea, it is said that this test by North Korea is a threat to the peace of the Korean peninsula and the whole world.

The statement added that “if North Korea directly provokes us, we will, in principle, give an immediate and strong response.”

According to North Korean state media, North Korea has tested an underwater drone capable of firing a nuclear weapon. However, no evidence of the test was provided.

In the past, South Korea has accused North Korea of overstating its drone capabilities. However, analysts say that even if North Korea’s weapons work as they claim, they will not be as important as the country’s nuclear missiles.

In recent months, Kim Jong-un has been seen to be taking the country’s policy in an aggressive direction and has terminated a number of such agreements, the purpose of which was to maintain peace in the region. Kim Jong’s position is that the preparations of the army are actually preparations for an expected war that could break out at any time.

A few days ago, North Korea declared South Korea as its ‘biggest enemy’ and now the North Korean media says that this new test on Friday is in response to the US, South Korean and Japanese drills. .

A researcher affiliated with the World Institute for North Korea Studies, told the news agency AFP “North Korea’s defense science system and weaponry is still in its infancy and we have not yet entered a stage where it poses a major threat.”

Little information has been released about the weapons that North Korea claims to be developing.

North Korea’s state media said that the newly developed submarines and drones are capable of penetrating the seas of enemy countries and detonating large underwater explosions.

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