No more civilian casualties. Belgian PM on Gaza

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“No more civilian casualties,” Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo said in a statement on the situation in Gaza.

Belgium, Spain and Ireland have taken a different position on Gaza, unlike the rest of the EU countries. These three countries are openly condemning Israel.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed the Belgian and Spanish Prime Ministers in the past few days and said, “Stop supporting terrorists.” After that, Belgian Prime Minister Alexandre de Croo made it clear again “no more civilian casualties”.

Yesterday, Belgian Prime Minister Alexander de Croo and Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez visited Egypt. Standing at the Rafah crossing, Alexander de Croo said once again “The killing of civilians needs to stop now. The destruction of Gaza is unacceptable.”

He added, “There is no military solution to this conflict. One day, people will need to talk to each other. The talks need to be re-launched. We need to stop the settlers violence in the west bank.

No more civilian casualties. Belgian PM on Gaza

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“War for gas” or something else?

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