New York has reached breaking point because of immigrants. Mayor of New York

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According to New York Mayor Eric Adams, the quality of life is decreasing because of the migrants coming to the city.

He says in a video statement: “We’ve seen the erosion of the quality of life that we have improved on in such a short period of time of this administration… and we have been impacted… For many months, we were able to keep visualization of this crisis from hitting our streets… But we have reached a breaking point. We are no longer able to do that. Because of the volume in numbers. Just last week we had 3900 people that arrived here.”

According to Adams, 16,000 migrants are coming to New York every month and it is becoming difficult for the administration to handle them.

He says: “We must feed, clothe, house, educate children and all the services that you would give a normal adult….and we are seeing that play out on our streets of New York….and that is what the breaking point looks like. What we are experiencing right now.”

New York is very difficult city. Mayor of NYC

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