Netanyahu’s son blamed the Israeli High Court,IDF and SB for the October 7th attacks.

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s son, Yair Netanyahu, has accused the IDF, Israeli secret agency Shin Bet, and the High Court for the October 7th Hamas attack. On October 7th, Hamas entered Palestinian territories (now under Israeli control) and killed multiple people. They also kidnapped over two hundred, bringing them to secure locations in Gaza.

After this incident, severe criticism arose against Netanyahu’s government nationwide. Some American officials even unofficially commented that Netanyahu’s days are numbered. As Israel is currently under a state of emergency, there is no organized campaign against Netanyahu. However, protests continue in Tel Aviv.

Yair Netanyahu, in his Telegram post, alleged that:

  • The High Court changed security arrangements and instructions on the Gaza border.
  • Shin Bet and the IDF encouraged Israeli politicians to continue economic operations in Gaza to maintain peace.
  • Supervising officers warned months ago about Hamas activity, but their commanders dismissed the reports.

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