Medicines will begin to be delivered to Israelis imprisoned in Gaza today.

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An agreement has been reached for the supply of medicines for Israeli prisoners in Gaza.

The agreement was brokered by Qatar. According to this, in exchange for the supply of essential medicines for the Israeli prisoners, the medicines will also be provided along with the humanitarian aid for the citizens of Gaza.

In a statement released to QNA, Qatar’s official news agency, ‘Doha announced an agreement between Israel and Hamas. According to which, in exchange for the supply of essential medicines for Israeli prisoners, medicines will also be provided to citizens in Gaza along with other humanitarian aid.’

The International Committee of the Red Cross will receive the medicine after it arrives at a hospital in the southern Gaza border town of Rafah on January 17, which will be divided into groups and immediately delivered to the prisoners.

The Crisis Center of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs purchased the drugs and sent them to Doha on Saturday.

Spokesperson of Qatar’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, told QNA that these medicines and aid will be flown from Doha to Al-Arish, Egypt on Wednesday on two planes of Qatar’s armed forces.

On October 7, 2023, Hamas launched an unprecedented and fierce attack on Israel. According to Israeli figures, about 1,140 people were killed in the attack, while about 250 people were captured and taken to Gaza.
Hamas later released some prisoners under a deal. In return, Israel allowed humanitarian aid access to Gaza and released Palestinian prisoners.

After some Israeli prisoners were released and some died in Israeli bombings, only 45 Israeli prisoners remain in Hamas custody.

There is a severe shortage of food and medicine in Gaza. Israel has tried to make it possible to supply medicine to its prisoners.

In this regard, Qatar and Israel announced on Tuesday that after the mediation of Doha and Paris, an agreement has been reached on the supply of medicine and aid to the Israeli prisoners held by Hamas in Gaza.

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