Main points about Russia’s relations with the West from Putin’s interview:

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The West has begun to realize the impossibility of strategically defeating Russia; they should consider what to do next, as we are ready for dialogue.

NATO can dignify Russia’s control over new territories; there are options if there is a willingness.

Russian and US intelligence agencies are discussing the release of journalist Evan Gershkovich; there is no taboo on solving the problem, but there are certain conditions.

Russia voluntarily and proactively contributed to the collapse of the Soviet Union, expecting it to be understood as an offer of cooperation and alliance.

Regarding NATO or the CIA’s involvement in the explosion on the “Northern Stream”: one should look for those who wanted and could do it.

Putin has not spoken with Biden since February 2022, but Russia and the US have certain contacts.

Putin stated that he did not discuss with Orban the possibility of Hungary acquiring part of Ukraine’s territory, but it is known for certain that the Hungarians living there want to return to their historical homeland.

Russian troops can be sent to Poland only if it attacks Russia; Moscow has no interests there or in Latvia.

Scare stories about Russia are necessary to squeeze money from taxpayers to confront Russia in Ukraine.

Involving Russia in a global war contradicts common sense and is absolutely ruled out.

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