Macron’s comments on Ukraine and the Middle East

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French President Emmanuel Macron said that if the Moscow administration wins the Ukraine-Russia war, it will mean the end of Europe’s security.

Macron met with troops at the naval base in Cherbourg-en-Cotentin, in the country’s Manche province.

Speaking here, Macron said that we are not at war with Russia, but we have a duty to make Russia’s victory impossible.

Regarding the ongoing Ukraine-Russia war from February 24, 2022, Macron said that “with the victory of Russia, the security of Europe will also end.

France has been supporting and providing assistance to Ukraine since the beginning of this war. After the British Prime Minister’s visit to Ukraine in the past few days, the French Foreign Minister also reached Ukraine and assured France’s support in the Ukrainian war.

French Foreign Minister said: “I came here to say that France will support Ukraine in the long term – from an economic, military, and humanitarian point of view.”

Emmanuel Macron said a few days ago that he would go to Ukraine in February “2024” to finalise a bilateral security guarantee deal under which Paris would deliver more sophisticated weaponry, including long-range cruise missiles.

He said some 40 SCALP long-range missiles and several hundred bombs would be delivered in the coming weeks.

It is clear from the new statement of the French Prime Minister Macron that France considers the defeat of Ukraine in the war as a defeat for Europe.

Middle East

Also touching on the situation in the Middle East, Macron said France defends freedom of navigation in the Red Sea and that his country’s presence in the region is “effective”.

Macron explained that more than 1,000 Palestinians have been hosted on the French helicopter carrier Dixmode, designed to provide hospital services to treat the wounded in Gaza and more than 120 seriously injured have been treated.

French President Macron said the military budget has doubled since 2017.

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