Lincoln Logs and Related History

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In the last century, Lincoln Logs became quite popular as children’s toys in America. It was a set of small wooden logs designed in a way that children could easily build various buildings and forts. Lincoln Logs are still being made today, but in slightly different styles. Children assemble different pieces of the logs to create things they like, and when they are done, they often break it down and build something new the next day.

Lincoln Logs were created by John Lloyd Wright in 1916. It is said that he developed this famous toy while working in Japan with his famous architect father. The design of Lincoln Logs was based on a famous earthquake-proof hotel in Tokyo, named the Imperial Hotel. The name “Lincoln Logs” was given in honor of the American president Abraham Lincoln, who had once lived in a log cabin.

John Lloyd Wright, after designing this toy in Japan, returned to the U.S. and established a company. In 2018,he began the marketing of the toy. Soon, Lincoln Logs gained popularity, and it is believed to be the first toy marketed to both boys and girls.