Latin American countries are upset due to the victory of Javier Milli

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The countries of Latin America are upset with the victory of Javier Milei, a supporter of new style and neoliberalism in Argentina. Javier Milei already dislikes Brazil because of its proximity to China. Brazil is a member of the BRICS organization andChina has a lot of influence on BRICS. Other Latin American countries, including Brazil, are upset due to the victory of Javier milei.

The reaction of Latin American countries to the victory of Milei in the presidential elections in Argentina is ambiguous:

The President of Colombia called the election results sad for the region, since “neoliberalism no longer has proposals for society that can provide answers to the current problems of humanity;

The President of Brazil wished good luck to Milei and stated that he did not want to cooperate with him, and called for respect for the voice of the people;

The President of Bolivia expressed hope for the development of friendly relations with Argentina, which will be based on brotherhood and mutual respect.

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