Landslides in China. 2 dead and 47 missing

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A devastating landslide has recently struck China’s Yunnan province, claiming the lives of 2 individuals, with dozens more reported missing according to preliminary information. The perilous situation is exacerbated by the freezing temperatures gripping the affected area, where the mercury has plunged below zero. Despite the challenging conditions, rescue teams are actively engaged in relief efforts, tirelessly working to locate and rescue the missing persons.

The landslide transpired shortly preceding 6 a.m. on Monday, impacting two petite hamlets in the utmost northerly region of the province, bordering Sichuan and Guizhou Provinces. These villages, Hexing and Heping, reside in an area with scarce inhabitants, situated within a mountainous terrain that was formerly one of the most economically deprived sections of China.

The landslide wreaked havoc in a residential area, causing significant damage to homes. A local resident recounted to a news agency the harrowing moment when the landslide occurred, catching everyone unaware as they slept inside their houses, only to be tragically buried under the ensuing debris.

As the desperate search for the missing continues, 47 individuals from 17 houses remain trapped beneath the wreckage, prompting urgent evacuation efforts by rescue officials. The challenging winter conditions, including heavy snowfall, further complicate the rescue mission, requiring the deployment of approximately 1000 workers and 200 rescue vehicles dedicated to providing relief and aid.

China has been grappling with a series of natural disasters in recent months, with Yunnan experiencing a particularly harsh cold wave, characterized by bitter temperatures hovering around or below freezing.

Landslides are unfortunately a common occurrence in Yunnan, a remote region characterized by steep mountain ranges that extend into the expansive Himalayan plateau. Despite the efforts of authorities and rescue teams, the root cause of the landslide remains elusive, underscoring the complex nature of natural disasters in this challenging terrain.

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