Journalist who exposed Zelensky’s luxury villa found dead in Egypt.

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Egyptian journalist, who investigated Zelensky’s villa, found dead in Egypt.

According to the sources, the body of journalist Mohammad Al Alawi has been found in the city of Hurghada, Egypt. There are signs of torture on the body. It is being shown that he was tortured. Some says that he died of traumatic brain injuries.

Al-Alwi conducted an investigation and published a report. According to the report, the mother-in-law of the Ukrainian president bought a luxury villa in Egypt. A transaction of 150 million Egyptian pounds was made for this purchase.

Relatives of Al Alawi say that after the publication of his reports about Zelensky’s villa, he began to receive threats. According to sources, Law enforcement agencies are investigating the involvement of several Ukrainian citizens in the murder of Al-Alawi.

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