Joining BRICS will transform Africa. Ch of business development of SA

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According to the Chairman of the Industrial Development Corporation of South Africa, Busisiwe Mabuza, joining the BRICS will open new doors for development and prosperity in the countries of the African continent.

Currently, only South Africa is a member of BRICS in the continent of Africa and the last annual summit of BRICS was held in South Africa. BRICS is a political and economic union of five countries of the world (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa). Initially four countries were included in the alliance, later its name was changed to BRICS after the joining of South Africa. Now the BRICS countries are inviting more countries to join the organization.

Busisiwe Mabuza stated to Sputnik on Africa Industrialization Day: “We have, I think, amongst the BRICS nations some of the top ten largest economies represented in the BRICS nations. And we can learn from their policies, from how they implemented their policies,”

She also added with BRICS, African countries “can learn how to grow their businesses” and seize “opportunities in global markets to develop their own economies.”

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