“Jikook” are in Japan.

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The two stars of the BTS band, “Jikook,” have arrived at Haneda Airport in Japan. Jimin and Jungkook, combining the names of two BTS members, have formed the duo known as Jikook. Jungkook, debuted in BTS on June 12, 2013, and Jimin also debuted in BTS in 2013,but under a different label than jungkook.

Jikook’s entry into Japan has caused a sensation in the country, with “Jikook” trending on Twitter. This isn’t the first time the Jikook duo has visited Japan; they previously visited in 2020.

All members of the BTS group are globally renowned, and their songs are heard everywhere. However, the rumors surrounding the relationship between Jimin and Jungkook have made them exceptionally famous, and instead of using separate names, they are now often referred to by the single name “Jikook.”

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