Japan should develop nuclear weapons. Ex editor of NYT

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The US continues to assure Japan of full cooperation in all kinds of defense matters. But the question is how reliable these assurances are.
Similarly, the US had undertaken the defense of Ukraine.Ukraine gave up its nuclear assets due to US claims.But now the US is unable to fund defense and provide advanced weapons to Ukraine.

According to Barry Gewen, former editor of the New York Times, Japan should develop nuclear weapons. Although it is still expected that Japan is under the US nuclear umbrella and that the US would regard an attack on Japan as an attack on itself. But according to Barry Gewen, America would not be willing to risk the destruction of Los Angeles to save Tokyo.

Berry Gewen says that Japan should not rely on the decisions of unreliable leaders in Washington. This clearly means that Japan should take care of its own defense because the United States will not come to its rescue during a direct war.

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