Israeli army siege of Al-Awda hospital in Gaza.

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After al-Shifa and the Indonesian hospital, now the Israeli army has blockaded al-Awda hospital in Gaza.
According to sources, the hospital has been surrounded for the past few days. Tanks are stationed at some distance, and snipers are positioned on all sides. People who tries to leave the hospital, they are shot, and the same is happening with those entering the hospital.

A doctor in the hospital described the situation, saying, ‘We are at al-Awda hospital in the northern area, and have been under siege for four days. No one can move or enter or leave the hospital.”

Doctors and patients are present inside the hospital. Facilities for food and drink are running out rapidly. Life-saving medications for patients will also be available for a limited time. The entire area of the hospital, including exits and entrances, is under the target of snipers. Reaching any kind of help inside is impossible.

The Indonesian hospital in Gaza is out of power. Completely out of power. Sources

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