Is David Cameron’s return due to Israel’s desire?

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In the UK, the appointment of former Prime Minister David Cameron as Foreign Secretary has surprised many. This appointment came at a time when the UK is facing numerous challenges on the diplomatic front in Ukraine and the Middle East.

It’s worth remembering that David Cameron had a somewhat controversial stance on Israel and Palestine in the past. In 2010, he criticized Israel by calling Gaza a “prison camp” in Turkey but later adopted pro-Israel stance when addressing the Israeli Knesset. Then, during the 2014 Gaza crisis, he expressed regret over the humanitarian situation in Gaza, hinting at pressuring Israel.

Recently, amid the ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu suggested that they want David Cameron to assist the UN mission to investigate the humanitarian situation in Gaza and allegations of war crimes.
And today, David Cameron has made a dramatic return to the halls of power.

Now it is to be seen which side David Cameron takes again. Will David Cameron be able to criticize Israel at a time when both the UK government and the opposition are standing with Israel?
It seems that he came again in power after Nathan Yahoo’s statement.

Did David Cameron return to Israel's desire?

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