Ireland:- dublin is on fire,after a migrant stabbed 5 people.

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On the evening of November 23 in Dublin, Ireland, a person attacked five individuals with a knife, leaving them injured. Three of the affected individuals are children. According to sources, the assailant wielding the knife was an Algerian migrant who was apprehended on the spot. Government officials state that the incident is not terrorism-related.

Following this incident, anti-immigrant protests erupted in Ireland, gaining momentum rapidly and leading to widespread disturbances. Videos from Dublin show the city in flames, with vehicles and buildings set on fire. Due to the protests and unrest, looting has been reported in some areas. Numerous police officers are actively working to bring the situation under control.

Dublin frequently witnesses small-scale anti-immigrant protests, but the recent large-scale protests are unexpected.
It seems that the people of Dublin are enraged and are now venting all their anger on their own city.

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