Iran fired ballistic missiles at various targets in Iraq.

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Iranian Revolutionary Guards fired missiles at various targets in Iraq. The missiles used were high-precision ballistic missiles that reached their targets, approximately 1,200 km away from launch sites,

In these attacks, 8 different locations were targeted around the American Consulate in the Erbil area of the Iraqi Kurdistan Region. According to Iranian sources, they want to destroy the Mossad headquarters in Kurdistan.

According to initial reports, the US consulate in Erbil, Iraq, was also targeted. But later, the US denied these claims and said that no US facility was targeted.

The spokesperson of the US State Department gave a statement reacting to the incident: “We strongly condemn Iran’s attacks in Erbil and offer condolences to the families of the victims. We oppose Iran’s reckless missile strikes and support the Government of Iraq and the Kurdistan Regional Government’s efforts to meet the aspirations of the Iraqi people.”


5 people including a Kurdish businessman, Peshrav Dzeyi, owner of Empire and Falcon Gp were killed in these attacks.

According to Iranian journalist Reza Abbasi, the Kurdish businessman Peshrav Dzeyi was closely connected with Israel and specifically with the Mossad.

The Falcon Group was established in 2003. Its main areas of operation included oil, construction and security.. Shortly after Saddam’s government was toppled, the group obtained a license to operate in Iraq. The company employs numerous former US Army military personnel in its security service.


  • The White House called the IRGC’s strikes on Iraq reckless and inaccurate.
  • Kurdistan Regional Security Council:
    Erbil (attacked area) as a stable region has never been a source of threat to any party. This (Iranian attack) is a blatant violation of the sovereignty of the Kurdistan Region and Iraq.

The Regional Security Council appealed to the international community to look into the matter.

  • White House National Security Council Spokesperson said that they were evaluating the situation, but initial estimates seem to indicate that these were inaccurate strikes.

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