Inflation and Hunger in the US

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According to CBS, 7 out of 10 Americans think President Biden has failed to handle inflation.

The US is facing inflation. President Joe Biden created a strategy called “Bidonamic” to deal with it. But the citizens are not satisfied with it. Looking at various surveys, the results are being obtained that more than 50% Americans are finding that their incomes are not keeping up with inflation. Many citizens struggle to meet basic needs. In these circumstances, charities are also facing serious difficulties because they are now having to help more people than ever before. One such organization is Feeding America. Feeding America is providing food and shelters to 46 million people. Clair Babineaux, head of the organization, says
“This is not just one group’s issue, it’s an American issue. Hunger is an issue in America across every demographic group, and now, increasingly, across more and more levels of income,”

People are expecting the government to deal with the inflationary situation.

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