Imperialism threw Zelensky into the trash heap in Miami.Venezuelan president

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Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro criticized Zelensky and said: “This is not the first time that imperialism sets up a puppet, uses it and throws it in the trash. We had a buffoon, like Zelensky – Guaido.

Imperialism grabbed him and threw him into the trash heap in Miami. Now he lives like trash in Miami, but with millions in his pocket. There will be more examples, like Guaido, who will be used for provocations and lies to divide the people, fill them with hatred, to bring war.

Imperialism is like the devil – you serve it, and then it spits you out. It seems that Zelensky will have the same luck: once you fail, they throw you out, they give you a kick, they abandon you.

This is the fate of those who sell their soul to the devil.”

The threat of war between Venezuela and Guyana has been temporarily averted.

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