Humanity is clashing with governments.

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Hundreds of pro-Palestinian protesters blocked an arms factory in Kent, England. Trade unionist groups there were demanding a ban on arms supplies to Israel. While British government and opposition members have made it clear that Demonstrations in favor of Palestine should be dealt with severely.

Earlier in the week, protesters seized a ship full of weapons and stopped it at a port in the United States, which was carrying weapons to Israel.In the US, a large number of Jewish protests against the war have also been recorded. While the US state policy is clearly leaning towards Israel. Anti-war protesters are being arrested across the country. A clear number of those arrested are Jews.

The Australian Labor government has banned pro-Palestinian protests, but people are still taking to the streets to demand a ceasefire in Gaza.

In Germany and France, despite the state’s strict policy on pro-Palestinian protests, people turn out in large numbers to protest to end the war.
In France, Amnesty International had to make a statement
“The ban on all demonstrations in support of the Palestinians in France constitutes a serious and disproportionate attack on the right to demonstrate”

The strangest behavior among the Asian countries was adopted by Pakistan, which in the past has sided with the Palestinians and has not even recognized Israel until now, but the surprising thing is that the news of cracking down on the protests against Israel has come in Pakistan as well. There are mills.
Although most people in India seem to be quite happy with the ongoing situation in Palestine due to anti-Muslim sentiments, there were a few limited demonstrations in which the participants were jailed.

It seems that humanity is clashing with governments. Despite warnings from government agencies and fear of arrest, people around the world continue to raise their voices to immediately end the ongoing human tragedy in the Middle East.

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