How are light pillars made?

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Light pillars are a beautiful phenomenon that can be seen in many countries of the world. Especially at night, its beauty looks even more amazing.

Light pillars are usually formed in cold weather. It looks like someone is throwing light from a powerful flashlight to the sky or from the sky to the ground. But it is not. It is an optical illusion. Actually, when the cold increases, the water molecules in the atmosphere freeze and take the form of crystals. These crystals are of different shapes. The crystals together play the role of a small mirror. When the light of the sun or the moon fall on these crystals, they reflect that light and form light pillars. The pillars formed by the light of the sun are called solar pillars, while the ones formed by the light of the moon are called moon pillars. These are formed before or after the sunrise and sunset or moon rise and moon set. Now the question is that if there is no sun at night, how are the solar pillars formed?
It’s very simple. Even when the sun is below the horizon, its light can still shine on the crystals and this phenomenon can occur. Just like after sunset we can see the International Space Station as a moving bright object.

When the sun is below the horizon, it is darkness on the earth, but light is reaching the atmosphere. And the crystals in the atmosphere reflect it and make the sun pillars. The same happens with the moon pillars.

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