Houthis attacked Norwegian oil tanker.

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Yemen’s Houthis launched a missile attack on a tanker in Bab al-Mandab, as a result of which the tanker caught fire. The oil tanker was scheduled to arrive at Ashdod port in Israel on January 4.

About this incident, the British Maritime Operations Department initially said that an oil tanker has caught fire in Bab Al-Mandab, other ships should proceed with caution.

However, later it was found that it was a Norwegian oil tanker and it was attacked by the Houthis. According to the US CENTCOM, the Houthis fired missiles at a tanker. The tanker caught fire due to the missile and efforts are being made to extinguish it.

Yemen has been targeting ships passing through and around the Red Sea for the past two months. According to Yemen, it will not allow any Israeli ship to pass through. In addition to Israeli ships, the Houthis are also attacking the ships of countries that support Israel in the recent Israeli-Palestinian conflict. As a result of these attacks, Israeli trade has been threatened and Israel has lost up to 3 billion dollars .

US asks UAE and Saudi for support in military action against Houthis.

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