Houthis attacked a ship in the Indian Ocean for the first time.

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The Houthis claimed responsibility for the attack on the cargo in the Indian Ocean.

A few hours ago, the Israeli media claimed that a ship was attacked by a drone in the Indian waters, which set the ship on fire, but there was no news of any casualty. The drone was said to have been launched from Iran.

However, according to the latest updates, the Houthis of Yemen have accepted the responsibility of targeting the ship. The ship belongs to an Israeli businessman and is going to India with oil from Saudi Arabia.

Indian Navy’s drone has been in contact with the crew of the attacked ship. All persons on board are safe.

France will not take any action against the Houthis. Sources

We have insufficient warships to deal with the threat of Houthis. US navy

The Houthis started laying mines in the sea in response to Operation Prosperity Guardian.

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