Houthis are not attacking Russian oil tankers.

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According to the Russian newspaper Kommersant, Russian ships are passing through the Red Sea safely and are not being attacked.

Yemen’s Houthis are only targeting ships belonging to Israel and Western countries. So far, there has not been a single incident of attack on a Chinese or Russian ship.

The newspaper’s statement is: “So, shortly after the Houthis’ attack on the Norwegian tanker Swan Atlantic on December 18, a cargo of Russian raw materials crossed the Bab el-Mandeb Strait, and several more such cargoes are now actively moving in this direction. In addition, a number of Russian tankers are already preparing to pass through the Suez Canal.

A proposal for a direct attack on the Houthis at the Pentagon.

A millions dollar missile is used to shoot down a $2,000 Houthi drone.

Attacks in the Red Sea. More shipping companies suspended operations.

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