Hamas released a report based on the reasons for the October 7 attack.

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The Palestinian resistance movement ‘Hamas’ has published a report on the cause of the ‘Aqsa Storm’ operation, the circumstances and events of October 7 and their relation to the Palestinian issue.

The report states that the “Aqsa Storm” operation is a necessary step and a natural reaction against Israeli projects aimed at analyzing and seizing Palestinian land, establishing Jewish ownership over it, and asserting complete sovereignty over the Al-Aqsa Mosque and other sacred sites in Palestine.

According to the report, the Aqsa Storm is a natural move taken by Hamas to liberate the Gaza Strip from siege, secure it from occupation, revive national rights, obtain freedom, make decisions about its own destiny, and establish a Palestinian government in the capital, Jerusalem.

The report emphasizes that from its inception to the present, Hamas has consistently refrained from targeting civilians. During the Aqsa Storm, the Israeli security and military systems were rendered temporarily inactive, creating significant gaps in the dangerous barriers separating Gaza and the operational areas from each other, potentially leading to an environment conducive to confrontation.

Addressing allegations of targeting Israeli civilians during the Aqsa Storm, the report denies such claims, stating that avoiding targeting all citizens, including women, children, and the vulnerable, is an integral part of the ethical and religious upbringing of Hamas members. The report rejects the accusations that the Al-Qassam Brigades targeted civilians on October 7 as baseless and false, asserting that the resistance forces have targeted armed individuals, including Israeli soldiers, as repeatedly stated before.

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