179,000 guns stolen and lost in the last two years Ukrainian media

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Disappearance of weapons in Ukraine is rampant. Because of the war environment, there are no checks and balances in the country.

There are accusations of corruption, embezzlement of aid money and goods against Ukraine from the West. According to some sources, these are just rumors, which are being spread by the West, because Zelensky is putting the responsibility of the defeat in various areas on the US and Europe. In response, they accuse the Zelenskyi government of corruption.

But now the Ukrainian media has presented alarming data on the theft and loss of weapons. According to the Ukrainian media, 179,000 weapons have disappeared since the beginning of 2022. 20% of these weapons have been stolen. While the remaining 80% has mysteriously disappeared.

The highest number of weapons were stolen in the Sumy region, with 10,243, while the highest number of weapons were lost in the Zaporozhye region, at around 28,076.

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