Grok is more far-lift than OpenAI.

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According to analyst David Rozado’s research, Grok is more “far-lift” than OpenAI. David Rozado asked Grok a few questions about the political scenario and then compared it to OpenAI. The comparison revealed that Grok is much more far-lift than OpenAI.

What is Grok?

Grok is an artificial intelligence chatbot that answers various questions. Elon Musk started developing Grok after the success of OpenAI. It is currently in beta testing and will be available to people soon.

Here’s what its developers have to say about Grok
“Grok is designed to answer questions with a bit of wit and has a rebellious streak, so please don’t use it if you hate humor!
A unique and fundamental advantage of Grok is that it has real-time knowledge of the world via the 𝕏 platform. It will also answer spicy questions that are rejected by most other AI systems.”

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