Germany started airlifting Afghan refugees from Pakistan.

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After the US and the UK, Germany has begun evacuating Afghan refugees from Pakistan. Last Friday, the first German charter plane transported 188 Afghan migrants to Germany.

Pakistan has initiated the process of expelling Afghan refugees from the country. So far, hundreds of thousands of individuals have been expelled from the country and sent to Afghanistan. The United Nations and various other countries attempted to persuade Pakistan to refrain from expelling all migrants, but Pakistan was unwilling to listen.

A significant issue arose for those individuals who had worked with the US and NATO against the Taliban. After the fall of Kabul, they managed to reach Pakistan, saving their lives. The US and other countries which are part of NATO, tried to prevent those collaborating with them from being sent back to Afghanistan.

The reason for this was the concern that the Taliban could retaliate against them. Pakistan stated that it had accommodated Afghan refugees up to a certain point and could not permit them to stay any longer. When all efforts failed, the US and European countries began airlifting Afghan collaborators from Pakistan. So far, planes from the US and the UK have been evacuating these individuals, and now Germany has also started the same process.

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