George Santos, member of LGBT and Congress, was expelled from the House of Representatives.

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George Santos is the first member to be expelled from the House of Representatives since 2002. 105 Republicans “from his own party” also voted to expel him.

George Santos is a Brazilian-born American politician. He was elected Congress in 2022, becoming the first LGBT member to reach Congress.He told “USA Today” in October, “I am openly gay, have never had an issue with my sexual identity in the past decade, and I can tell you and assure you, I will always be an advocate for LGBTQ folks,”

George had fraud cases registered in Brazil. When he won the election in America, Brazil opened his old case. He was found guilty in the case. There have been several judgments against Santos in the United States concerning eviction and personal debt cases.

Two 2023 federal indictments allege 23 fraud-related charges against Santos. Being so controversial, people and his own colleagues demanded his resignation, but he refused to resign. After that, there was a vote to expel him, but he survived.

Finally, in November, the Ethics Committee issued a report alleging Santos’ involvement in fraud. Following the report, today, December 1, the House of Representatives voted again to expel Santos, which was overwhelmingly successful. Even105 members of George Santos’ own party voted against him.

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