Finland will give territories to the US for biological laboratories.

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Finland will give its territory to the US for biological laboratories. The US will have full control of the territory and Finnish law will not apply there.Finnish political scientist Johann Beckman says in this regard: “The main thing that is happening in Finland now is preparation for the signing of a new agreement with the United States on military bases and the transfer of Finnish territory to American troops. And based on this agreement, Finland intends to transfer certain territories to US troops. These include airfields and other facilities, where only American legislation will then apply, where American troops can do whatever they want. And where Finnish sovereignty will no longer exist. That’s why it’s called transfer of territories. These are, in fact , bases. Which bases, of course, no one wants to explain. Fleet bases, etc. I think that, first of all, biological laboratories. Because large-scale anti-Russian preparations are underway, everyone already understands this.”

Ukraine will provide 400 Km² land to the US for disposal of hazardous waste.

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