Farmers in France are protesting vehemently against taxes on agriculture.

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France. Farmers dump tons of waste and light a large fire in front of the Administrative City in Toulouse to protest against the increase in charges and taxes.

In France, agriculture has extremely low taxes because corporate taxes do not apply to it. The French government has expressed the intention to impose taxes on agriculture in the budget of 2024.
“France’s biggest farm cooperatives include Sodiaal in dairy with 5.5 billion euros in sales last year, Tereos in sugar and ethanol with 6.6 billion euros, multisector group Agrial with 7.2 billion euros, and Cooperl with 2.8 billion euros.”
REUTERS, Sep 28, 2023

While presenting the budget bill for 2024, the Finance Minister stated that taxes would also be imposed on the agriculture industry in France.

In response, protests by farmers against taxes have erupted in France. Farmers, including those on Toulouse Ring Road, have blocked traffic for hours in protest.

Farmers demand the repeal of taxes on agriculture and a reduction in increasing charges

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