Explosion in a factory in Thailand. 23 dead

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An explosion at a fireworks factory in central Thailand has killed 23 worker.

According to the statement issued by the relief teams, there has been an explosion in a fireworks factory in Sipahan Buri city.

According to information, 23 workers have been killed in the explosion. The explosion occurred at 3 pm local time.

In the past, such incidents have occurred frequently in Thailan.
In July last year, an explosion at a Fireworks warehouse in Thailand killed 12 people and injured more than 100.

After the recent accident, the Prime Minister of Thailand has ordered an investigation.

“The prime minister ordered an inspection of the plant to see if it was operating legally and if the explosion was caused by negligence. The law must be enforced to the fullest extent because there are innocent deaths and injuries,” PM office said.

The company was under pressure to produce more products due to the arrival of the Chinese New Year. The explosion occurred at a time when the company was expanding operations.

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