Elon musk about shortage of weapons in the US

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According to Elon Musk, it is dangerous that the United States is not able to solve the problem of shortage of shells in its warehouses due to the supply of weapons to Ukraine.

Ukraine is currently at war with Russia and is facing a shortage of weapons. It has been relying on American and Western weapons since the beginning of the war.

America, in order to not show weakness against Russia, is supplying free weapons to Ukraine. As a result, the United States is experiencing a shortage of shells in its warehouses.

Due to this, the United States is forced to rapidly increase production in its weapon factories and is also buying weapons from other countries to provide to Ukraine.

However, despite all this, the amount of weapons that the United States had before the war in Ukraine has significantly decreased.

This situation is not only specific to the United States but is also applicable to most European countries, as they are also facing a shortage of weapons due to sending ammunition to Ukraine.

According to The Hale News, “Manufacturers are struggling to fill orders.”

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