Elon Musk receives warnings from the European Union

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By vexwift.com

Elon Musk receives warnings from the European Union for sharing false information on his social media platform X. This has led to the news that Elon Musk is going to shut down his social media platform X in Europe. Fortunately he has denied these rumors.

But the interesting thing here is that how much will Musk’s nature tolerate the new laws being made in Europe regarding social media?

Recently, due to the Israeli-Hamas conflict, a flood of false information has come on X, after which investigations have been started against the company X. If evidence is found against X, the company can be fined up to 6 percent of its global revenue.

Remember that Musk speaks a lot in favor of freedom of expression. Whereas recent events show that Europe wants to limit freedom of expression by retreating from its values. The ban on demonstrations and speeches in favor of Palestine can be presented as proof of this.

Regardless of what Europe’s laws and Musk’s thoughts are, if we look at the news of X’s exit from Europe in a broader perspective, it seems quite ridiculous. Europe is the world’s third largest economy and many people here are active on X. In such a situation, a businessman will try his best to make his company comply with all the laws here and remove the objections of the officials.

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