Elon musk offer one billion $ to wikipedia

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By vexwift.com

Elon Musk has made an offer to the owner of Wikipedia that if they change the name of their website to “dickipedia,” he will give them one billion dollars.

FILE – Tesla CEO Elon Musk attends the opening of the Tesla factory Berlin Brandenburg in Gruenheide, Germany, March 22, 2022. Twitter shareholders have filed a lawsuit accusing Musk of engaged in “unlawful conduct” aimed at sowing doubt about his bid to buy the social media company. The lawsuit filed late Wednesday, May 25, in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California claims the billionaire Tesla CEO has sought to drive down Twitter’s stock price because he wants to walk away from the deal or negotiate a substantially lower purchase price. (Patrick Pleul/Pool Photo via AP, File)

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