Elon Musk allowed conspiracy theorist Alex Jones to be active on X

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Elon Musk has given permission for Alex Jones to be active on Twitter again. Musk had conducted a poll on Twitter asking whether Alex Jones should be reinstated or not, and the majority of Twitter users voted in favor of reinstating him.

All of Alex Jones’s content on social media sites and Google was removed on allegations of spreading conspiracy theories. Facebook had taken down four pages associated with Jones, one of which had nearly 1.7 million followers. The removal was based on violations of policies related to “glorifying violence” and “using dehumanizing language to describe people who are transgender, Muslims, and immigrants.” Facebook clarified that these violations were not related to spreading false news.

Alex Jones had previously claimed that the Sandy Hook school shooting was a conspiracy. In the Sandy Hook shooting, a 20-year-old individual had killed 26 people. The relatives of the victims had filed a lawsuit against Alex Jones, and last year, the court ordered Alex Jones to pay $1.5 billion in damages to the victims’ families.

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