Egypt opens Rafah crossing to evacuate seriously injured people and foreigners from Gaza

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Due to a lack of resources, hospitals in Gaza are on the verge of closure. Several hospitals and medical centers have been destroyed due to Israeli bombings. The hospitals that are still functioning are receiving a continuous influx of wounded individuals while lacking the necessary facilities.

In response to this crisis, Egypt has made a bold decision to open the Rafah Crossing and has started sending ambulances to transfer severely injured individuals to Egyptian hospitals. According to reports, some ambulances have already entered Gaza from the Rafah Crossing.

Preparations to evacuate non-resident foreigners with passports from Gaza are also complete. On one hand, ambulances are being sent to rescue the wounded in Gaza, and on the other hand, the evacuation of stranded non-residents in Gaza has also begun. Some non-resident individuals have already left Gaza as of now.

According to the information, to prevent other Palestinians in Gaza from entering Egypt, Egypt has deployed a significant number of weapons and tanks near the Rafah Crossing.

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