Earthquake in China. Tremors felt up to 1500 km away

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An earthquake of magnitude 7.1 has occurred in the border region of China and Kyrgyzstan, from which disaster reports are being received in many areas. The earthquake occurred at around two o’clock in the night, the tremors of which were also felt in the neighboring countries of China.

Strong earthquake tremors were felt in China’s Xinjiang province and the neighboring country of Kyrgyzstan at 2:09 PM on Monday and Tuesday night.
According to the Seismological Center, the epicenter of the earthquake was at a depth of 22 km in the Wuxi County of Xinjiang. Nearby areas of Wuxi County were severely affected by the earthquake.

After the earthquake, intermittent aftershocks were felt in the area until 8:00 a.m. According to the China Seismological Center, around 40 aftershocks have been reported so far.

So far, more than 120 houses have been reported destroyed due to the earthquake, while six people have been confirmed injured in different areas.

According to AFP, there is severe frost in the earthquake-affected areas of China and the cold is being felt up to minus 10 degrees in many areas.

The region of China that has been affected by the earthquake consists of rural areas where most of the Uyghur minority live. According to the Chinese authorities, relief activities have started immediately after the earthquake and aid workers are reaching the affected areas.

Immediately after the earthquake, train services were suspended in Armachi due to which 23 trains were cancelled. However, at seven in the morning, it was announced to restore the train service once again.

Videos shown in Chinese media show paramilitary forces in the affected areas setting up tents early in the morning while displaced people are being moved to temporary shelters.

This earthquake was so strong that its tremors were felt in Delhi, the capital of Bharat. Delhi is about 1500 km away from the epicenter.

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