Does McDonald’s support Israel?

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McDonald’s is the world’s largest fast food restaurant chain, serving over 69 million customers daily in over 100 countries. It has many franchises in different countries But does not own these franchises. Rather, they are owned by local people in the countries.

McDonald’s is headquartered in Chicago. Anyone from any country can enter into an agreement with McDonald’s to open their own McDonald’s franchise by paying a fee. If a person wants to open such a franchise, he will pay an initial fee of 45,000 dollars to McDonald and in addition will pay monthly fee.

A franchise in one country has nothing to do with another country’s franchise. They are all independent in their decisions. Profit and loss in business is their own.

MacDonald’s Israel is owned and run by an Israeli businessman Omri Padan. In the recent Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Omri Padan made a decision that is hurting McDonald’s in other countries. He began providing free food services to Israeli soldiers in October. After which people of other countries started campaigning to boycott McDonald’s.

The headquarter of MacDonald or the franchisees in other countries have nothing to do with this decision and the boycott is not harming the Israeli McDonald’s which decided to give free food to the Israeli soldiers.

To understand this issue, we should look at the owners of McDonald’s franchises in different countries.

In Saudi, its owner is Prince Khalid bin Fahd, who gave $5,33,000 in aid to Gaza.

The owner of Turkish McDonald’s is the Qatari Bohemen Investment Firm, which gave 1 million dollars in aid to Gaza.

The owner of Indonesian McDonald’s is local Rekso Nasional Food, which has donated $96,000 in aid to Gaza.

Despite this amount of aid to Gaza, the Israelis did not campaign to boycott McDonald’s because it would have harmed the local franchise of Israel that are supporting the Israeli army.

You see that the McDonald’s franchises of each country is completely independent in its decisions. If this is the case, then you must have understood that International McDonald’s or McDonald’s franchises of other countries are not helping Israel and the McDonald’s which is supporting Israel is owned by a local Israeli person.

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