China missiles filled with water, not fuel : US intelligence

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Imagine a massive expanse of land, there are hundreds of missile silos, there’s a dictator. dressed up in military fatigues ordering his troops to launch a missile. You wait with baited breath but nothing happens. anticlimax, The Silo Lids which house the destructive missiles refuse to open. Our dictator is frustrated but undeterred he orders his soldiers to fire a different missile again they fail this time.
The missiles are the problem, instead of Rocket Fuel they’re filled with water. sounds like a comedy of errors, but what if I told you that this is not fiction all of this is happening in real life, to none other than Xi Jinping, the leaderof the one of the most powerful nations in the world with one of the largest military forces.
“Jinping cannot trust his missiles” says who a US intelligence report. They’ve conducted an assessment and the fightings are both hilarious and shocking.

China plans to enact sanctions on five U.S. companies.

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