Ceasefire has started in gaza.

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Today’s Incredibly good news is that a ceasefire has started in Gaza.feul trucks are entering inside and people of Gaza wandering in the street, without any fear.some of them going back to their hometowns for residing and to see the destructions happened to their houses.

Thousands of leaflets are dropped by the IDF in the Gaza Strip warning residents not to move north(to their houses during the ceasefire, because….”The war is not over yet.”

Leaders worldwide have welcomed the ceasefire agreement, expressing joy that humanitarian aid can reach Gaza, and there’s hope for the release of Hamas prisoners. According to internal sources in the U.S. government, the Biden administration fears that the actual destruction due to Israeli attacks on Gaza will be exposed to the world during ceasefire.

During the ceasefire, all military activities are suspended in all regions of Gaza. The Palestinian Red Crescent has prepared to distribute 18,000 tons of humanitarian aid. This aid had been received long ago but couldn’t be distributed due to the ongoing conflict. In southern Gaza, aerial activities are completely halted for four days. Meanwhile, in northern Gaza, aerial surveillance operations are restricted to only 8 hours each day.

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