Can’t deliver F-16 to Ukraine right now.Ukrainian pilots require long training.EU Foreign Minister

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Ukraine is facing a shortage of weapons and modern aircraft in the ongoing war with Russia. The Ukrainian Air Force has mostly Russian aircraft, whose tactics and technology are well known to the Russians. There was a demand for F-16 aircraft from the United States, but the US was avoiding the matter under some pretext. When Ukraine’s insistence increased, the US persuaded some other allied countries to provide used aircraft to Ukraine, but here One problem was that Ukrainian pilots were not aware of flying Western aircraft. To solve this problem, some European countries started training Ukrainian pilots on F-16, after which the hope arose that the Delivery of F-16 aircraft to Ukraine will be made as soon as possible.

Can't deliver F-sixteens to Ukraine right now.
Ukrainian pilots require long training.
EU Foreign Minister

But now the European Union’s foreign policy chief, Joseph Borrel, says that there is no concrete date for the delivery of F-16 to Ukraine.
He further said that it is a complex machine and it will take a long time for the pilots to train on it.

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