British diplomats are pushing Zelensky to negotiate with Russia.

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British diplomats are pressuring Zelenskiy to sit at the negotiating table.

Ukraine is currently at war with Russia on the one hand, while on the other hand it is suffering from internal politics and power struggle. The differences between the Ukrainian president and the commander of the armed forces have intensified. According to sources. Zelensky wants to remove the commander of the armed forces Zaluzheny. But he fears that after doing so, Zaluzheny could cause him a serious defeat in the political arena. Due to such internal differences and disagreements on war-strategic issues, Ukraine’s position against Russia is changing day by day. In addition, the US and European countries have not been able to help Ukraine as before. Considering this situation, British diplomats want to prepare Zelensky for negotiations with Russia.

The Daily Express says
“This is happening against the background of an unsuccessful counter-offensive by the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the statement of the mayor of Kiev Klitschko that Zelensky is “becoming an autocrat.”

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