The BRICS emergency summit is scheduled to take place on November 21.

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BRICS leaders are convening an unexpected emergency meeting on November 21. According to sources, Russian President Putin will participate in the meeting via a video link, and discussions will focus on the situation in the Middle East.

BRICS comprises Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa—a political and economic alliance formed in 2010. BRICS member countries cover 28% of the world’s area and 42% of the population. All BRICS nations are also members of the G20, contributing 27% to the world’s GDP.

BRICS member countries engage in discussions on various global issues. Now, an unexpected emergency summit has been requested, focusing on the current Israel-Hamas conflict in the Middle East.

This meeting might be tough for India as it holds a softer stance on Israel’s recent hostilities compared to the other four countries,and justifying the current aggression of israel.

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