Big win for LGBT in Nepal.

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The first ever same-sex marriage has taken place in Nepal. This is the bold step taken by Maya Gurung and Surendra Pandey. Both are 35 and 27 years old respectively. This is the first same-sex marriage in Nepal.

The LGBT communities in Nepal are celebrating this as their biggest victory. The marriage became possible after a decision by the Supreme Court of Nepal a few months ago, granting permission for same-sex individuals to marry in the country.

Nepal becomes the second country in Asia, after Taiwan, where same-sex marriage is permitted. In India, such marriages are not recognized, but if two individuals of the same gender are living in a live-in relationship, they are afforded complete protection. A ruling by the Indian Supreme Court in 2022 granted the right for same-sex couples to live together.

Apart from these countries, Israel is the 4th country in Asia that accepts same-sex relationships. Israel grants the right to live together for individuals who marry outside the country. However, as of now, same-sex marriage is not permitted within Israel.

In Asia, unconditional and complete permission for same-sex marriage is only granted in Taiwan and Nepal.

Big win for LGBT in Nepal.

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