Biden Administration Fears Israel’s War Ambitions

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The Biden administration is considering the possibility that Israel could launch an attack on Lebanon to provoke Hezbollah and potentially ignite a wider conflict in the region. In the event of a spreading conflict, the United States and its allies might become involved in the region for an extended period.

Israel and Lebanon have had a longstanding standoff with occasional cross-border skirmishes. Israel had announced that if Hezbollah attacked the city of Haifa, they would retaliate by striking Lebanon. A few days after this announcement, Hezbollah began launching missile attacks on Haifa. Hezbollah has stepped up its attacks on Israel after the OIC meeting ended inconclusively.

According to some reports, Hezbollah desires Israel to declare full-scale war. If that were to happen, it would require the United States and its allies to be engaged in the region for an extended period, providing Israel with financial and military assistance. This situation could divert their attention from Ukraine, where Russia is at a critical juncture.

Biden Administration Fears Israel's War Ambitions

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