Annual trade between Russia and China reached $200 billion .

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In Beijing, the Russian Ambassador, Igor Morgulov, stated that the annual trade between Russia and China has reached up to $200 billion.

Currently, the Russia-China Friendship, Peace, and Development Committee is holding a meeting in Beijing. This inter-state non intergovernmental committee was established by the leaders of both countries in 1997.The aim of the committee is to strengthen business and cultural ties between the people of Russia and China, as well as facilitate easier communication between the two nations.

The 14th Plenary Meeting of this committee took place in Beijing, where Ambassador Morgulov mentioned, “Based on the results of 10 months of this year, bilateral trade turnover reached $196.5 billion. I think that the $200 billion bar set at one time by the leaders of our countries has most likely already been exceeded.”

China has dodged the US sanctions in a new way.

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